Snapper Pro

Large websites have a greater set of needs from Snapper

Airbnb, Dailybooth, White Label Dating, Aol & Brizzly (who all have Snapper installed on their platform) needed to self-host the photo & video* tools on their own servers due to the large number of users they have.

Additionally they wanted to alter the tool's branding, customise the skin and allow for an unlimited number of snaps.

We made the changes they needed, added specific features and supplied the code. We can do this for your website as well. For a quote please get in touch using the form below.

* Video also requires server side software which we can implement for you once we have discussed your requirements.

  • Unlimited snaps
  • Self-hosting of Snapper
  • Customization of the skin
  • Branding options

Tell us about your requirments, we will be in touch

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